Do I Have Dry Skin?

We previously covered how to identify if you have oily skin. Click to read some of the indicators for oily skin and how to maintain it. Today we're going to cover dry skin. Dry skin is the easiest to identify. 1. Do you wake up in the morning and your skin feels tight all over [...]

Dermaplaning: the T

Dermaplaning is the newer skincare regiment that has gone bananas. Let's go through the steps and see what's up with dermaplaning. Basically, your skin is cleaned and removed of all makeup. It's deep cleaned to get it as clean as physically possible. A secondary compound typically make of AHA is applied to the face in [...]

Azelaic Acid: Whaaaaaaa?

This is a new one for me.  I've seen a lot of posts recently regarding Azelaic acid, @Chemist_confessions on instragram, KLOG, Paula's Choice are the groups I follow where I recently saw posts. I've had this on my mind for awhile just haven't been able to finish it (Thanks conference season). But what on earth [...]