Verdict is In and Depp won on all 3 counts

There we have it. 6 weeks of testimony, 2.5ish days of deliberation and the verdict puts Depp out on top. Heard did officially win one count but that's not the entire story. Heard was awarded 2 million in damages due to Depp's attorney's very specific statement of what went down after the cops were called [...]

It’s Time To Say I Believe AmberTurd

We are 5 weeks into a 6 week courtroom drama between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard and I've made my final decision after hearing the roommates and her sister on the stand, I believe Amber Heard. Every woman who makes the claims Amber has made should be heard. I 100% believe that. These last 5 [...]

Depp v Heard is Shocking. I Have Many Thoughts

TRIGGER WARNING: I will be discussing where I stand on the Depp v Heard case. We are currently in a bye week and Amber Heard has just begun her testimony by describing acts of domestic abuse. If you do not feel comfortable with the discussion of violent acts of domestic abuse I do suggest viewing [...]

Second Trimester? Check. Melasma? Check

This week we officially entered the THIRD trimester of this pregnancy. 28-weeks!!!! So many milestones. Lots of pee tests. Lots of blood tests. Lots of skin changes. I'm not going to do a countdown list because I really haven't bought a lot of new skincare. What I have had to do is figure out how [...]

An Introduction to Vitamin C

If you are new to serums and branching out your skin care beyond Cleanser + SPF & DONE! (which honestly for daytime has been all I wear some days), Vitamin C is one of the least expensive, highest impact products you can purchase. A close second might be niacinamide (that is if it works for [...]

My Miscarriage Journey

Last December we announced we were pregnant with our first pregnancy. We were excited, scared, and I was sick as a dog all winter break. We weren't trying to get pregnant yet but we also weren't preventing anything. If it happened awesome, if not we wanted to get through the holidays. So to my Surprise [...]

Just a Little Chat

Life is starting up, colleges are heading back to a fall semester full of a lot of unknowns, but in my area life feels like it's trying really hard to get back to our pre-pandemic lifestyles. I work at the same university that recently made headlines because of fighting before school even started and shoulder [...]

Retinol | For Beginners

Retinol or treninoin (prescription only) are derivatives of Vitamin A thus making them antioxidants, very powerful antioxidants to be specific. Treninoin (Retin-A) is only available as a prescription. Most over the counter retinol products use retinol, retinyl proprionate, retinyl acetate, retinyl lineolate, and retinaldehyde. This class of skincare products are amazingly popular. Everyone from tweenagers [...]

What Are ‘Dry’ and ‘Wet’ Body Oils

If you're confused by this term, don't worry so was I when I first heard it. Oils are definitely not dry? So how can they possibly be termed 'dry'? And what are wet oils? How do I use them? Dry body oils are those that are absorbed into the skin almost immediately leave almost [...]