Product Review: Clarisonic Exfoliating Brush Head

I previously reviewed the Clarisonic Smart Uplift and now we're hitting up the exfoliation brush head.

Review: Dior One Essential Skin Boosting Serum

The use of plant extracts, especially among luxury brands, is a mainstay within the skincare industry. Products that are marketed as anti-pollution are on the rise at all levels, drugstore to luxury. Anything that says anti-pollution is going to have to contain antioxidants and they don't have to be super powerful either just something fairly [...]

Why are parabens bad for your skin?

As I'm typing this I'm STILL trying to get over GoT. Really? Really? What? and congratulations to everyone who figured out how to see some of the earlier episodes. Episode 3 especially, and special thanks to Melisandre for the best episode ever and literally lighting the way. Beautiful acting, beautiful writing, beautiful cinematography. Loved GoT. [...]

Honey in Skincare

Honey in Skincare

Honey as a skincare or treatment formulation has been used since the earliest civilizations. Ancient Egyptians used honey for it's antimicrobial properties and wound healing. They'd coat a wound with honey then bandage the wound. Not only does honey have antimicrobial properties, it's also been shown to promote the bodies own wound healing. Honey [...]

Ingredient Review: Squalane vs Squalene

Ingredient Review: Squalane vs Squalene

Bay shark du du du du, baby shark du du du du du......... I've been sick as all get up during the holidays. It's currently sleeting and freezing rain and just gross. So I've been catching up on my beauty community tea. Kuckian cosmetics....... oh honey. It's absolutely ridiculous. So many videos and so much [...]

Dermaplaning: the T

Dermaplaning is the newer skincare regiment that has gone bananas. Let's go through the steps and see what's up with dermaplaning. Basically, your skin is cleaned and removed of all makeup. It's deep cleaned to get it as clean as physically possible. A secondary compound typically make of AHA is applied to the face in [...]