Clarisonic Smart Profile Uplift Review

Clarisonic has solidified itself within the skincare market.  Their devices have won numerous awards over the years.  The array of brush heads means you have a cleansing brush for nearly every face type.  I finally got to the point where I could afford to purchase a Clarisonic brush and went with the Smart Profile Uplift.  At $349 this is an incredibly pricey piece of equipment.  I was able to afford mine with 4000 points at Ulta (=$250) and a 20% coupon (yup there was one this summer that worked on ALL products).  I’ve been using it for about 3 months and am at a point where I feel confident I’m giving a review of the long term cleansing effects of using this product.

The box is rather large but you’re getting a lot in the box.  The Smart itself is larger and much heavier than the Mia 1 or Mia 2, which is a consequence of the much stronger and larger motor.  Obviously the charger connects magnetically, which keeps it waterproof and shower usable.  The initial brush head is the Radiance brush head.  This is targeted for those with dull skin, fine wrinkles. The brush head is really soft.  You also get the Body Brush and the Firming Massage Head.  I personally don’t care for the body brush.  I still use it along the décolleté (chest) but the Smart is timed, I wish it wasn’t with the body brush because it takes at least 3 rounds of hitting the start button in order to get the décolleté perfectly cleaned.  I wish it just went until I turned it off.  The FIRMING MASSAGE HEAD.  Playing angelic music, Jim Gaffigan is in the background singing ‘Ahhhh’.

The firming Maggage brush head: LOVE.  I use this at least twice a week.  I put on my night mask, which as of late has been the Shiseido Ibuki Beauty Sleeping Mask, and use the massaging brush head to really massage the mask into the skin.  I’ve tried it with thicker masks, Peter Thomas Roth Rose Stem Bio-Repair Gel Mask, and it didn’t work as well.  It also feels really good along the sinus passages if your allergies are in high gear. My face actually feels firmer. I just turned 33 and don’t have wrinkles.  My cheek bones which were already pretty pronounced, are definitely screaming hello. In general it does feel like I’m getting a facial without having to pay $100 for a facial.

For the Brush Head: I have very large pores, so I purchased the Deep Pore Brush Head for use this summer which my face is still pretty oily.  This is the brush head for those with oily skin and enlarged pores, in example me.  New brush heads are $27 each or $44 for a set of 2.  You can actually mix and match on the Clarisonic website.  Expensive for the market, but they last for 3 months after using 2x a day, everyday.  I’ve had other brushes that only last 6-8 weeks and were $15 a brush head.  The true yearly cost is roughly $100 per year, which is in line with the rest of the market.

My face hasn’t been this clean pretty much ever, it legit feels squeaky clean without feeling overly dried or overly exfoliated.  I can still exfoliate twice a week with ease.  I wish I had one of these when I was a teenager.  The major claim is that the Clarisonic system cleans 6x better than with your hands.  That claim actually seems to hold.  When I use my cleansing toner after a double wash I don’t have any dirt on it (oil cleanse with hands otherwise the bristles in the brush head get funky). When I use my fingers for both the oil and water cleanse I almost always do have a bit of dirt left over, even if I don’t wear makeup.  My first 2 weeks of using it I noticed more white heads and black heads creeping up.  They never became full pimples thankfully.  I went in for one of my pre-wedding facials and my aesthetician said it wasn’t uncommon since those style of brushes tend to work all the junk  that has built up in your pores. So by bringing it up to the surface its at a high risk of becoming a blackhead because there’s more oxygen and more bacteria present.

With the announcement of the Mia Smart 3-in-1 connected beauty device Clarisonic has upped the game a little more. That’s Clarisonic’s newest release this August 2018.  The Mia Smart includes the same technology as the more powerful Smart Uplift but has fewer speed options, notably missing the turbo button and 2 speed categories, but you still have the ability to using the firming massage, the new eye massager, and the makeup blender.  They’ve also added app connectivity with the Mia Smart.  At $179.10 on sale right now at for the launch, but $199 regularly, it’s a much more budget friendly that lets you play with all the same gadgets Clarisonic has been coming out with over the last few years.

Final thought: Depending on your budget any of the Clarisonic brushes is going to make your skin so much healthier.  If you’re in your teens and 20s you really only need the Mia 1 or Mia 2.  Unless you really want to use the makeup brush and can afford the extra $80-$100 to use it.   The makeup brush only works on the Smart Profile or the new Mia Smart.  For a budget conscience buyer, the Mia Smart 3-in-1 might be the best fit if you don’t want to spend a lot.  Save your points at Ulta.  Slowly but surely you’ll get to that 2000 point mark and the $199 brush drops down to $74, which is about the price of a Mia 1 ($79).

Hopefully this helps anyone who is on the fence regarding buying one of these brushes. They are an investment piece for sure, but I personally believe your face is worth it.

Until next time.  Keep clean, keep fresh, and always remember you are gorgeous.

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