REVIEW – Peter Thomas Roth: Water Drench Cleanser

I’ve been on the fence about buying this forever and then I got it in a 1 fl oz sample.  So Here We Go!

Initial impression is that it isn’t bad. It doesn’t have a smell, which for me is good.  I don’t like overly perfumed skincare because it tends to cause sinus issues for me.  The consistency is very creamy, very rich, very velvety.  All in all it looks good.

The first time I used this was in the shower and I washed using my fingertips. I used a bit more than a pea sized amount and got to rubbing, and kept rubbing, and kept rubbing.  Note to users, this is a no foam formula. As you rub it gets slick.  It’s a similar feeling to oil cleansers after water has been added to them and the emulsifiers get to work. The problems arose when I went to rinse it off.  It almost glued itself to my face.  It didn’t want to rinse completely and it felt like there was this film over my face and neck. When I went to toner with my cleansing toner it brought up a lot of dirt and was actually gummy.

The second time I used this was again in the shower but I used my Clarisonic thinking it needed a little extra love.  Well that was the ticket.  It finally rinsed off well.  My face felt supple and not grimy.  When I went to tone it came back fairly clean. Not perfectly clean but I was busy working in the field with dirt and all that good stuff.

In general I really enjoy Peter Thomas Roth’s products.  But this isn’t something I’ll use again.  What’s weird is that it took me twice to realize this.  Normally I’ll use a product for a few weeks so I can see the long term effects since that’s what we’re going for with skincare.  The hyaluronic acid in the wash is a gimmick.  Although hyaluronic acid is a fantastic product for those with dry skin, it needs to stay on the face and neck.  With it being in a cleanser it’s largely being rinsed off the face.  A 1.0 oz traveler is $14, which should last awhile given a pea sized amount is used.  A full sized 4 oz. bottle is $28.00.

To get this to come off completely I had to use a Clarisonic, with the turbo button.  Not everyone has a clarisonic with a turbo button.  If that’s the amount of rubbing required it’s not worth it. At $30.00 there’s just more out there that I like that gives me a good cleanse while rinsing completely.

Final thought: for me it’s a pass.  It left my skin feeling clogged when I washed it like most people wash their face, quickly.  I’m going to give it a D-.  Not an F simply because it did rinse of once I figured out how to use it, but cleansers aren’t really something I feel should have a learning curve.

Until next time.  Keep clean, keep fresh, and always remember you are gorgeous.

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