Konjac Sponges

I’m curious how many people have used konjac sponges in general. As we start heading into winter and sensitive skinned individuals wanting to exfoliate or natural skin care. It’s also vegan.

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A konjac corm. These corms are very high in glucomannan and great for dieters.

For those who don’t know, Konjac is an edible root. Japanese and Chinese individuals eat it. It is incredibly high in dietary fiber so if you’re insulin resistance, losing weight, diabetic, or suffer from constipation you’ll want to find some.

I eat konjac noodles (shirataki noodles) once a week and will mix it with peppers, bamboo shoots, tofu, and mix it with a peanut sauce and make a vegan pad thai. For those on the keto diet, shirataki noodles are keto friendly. If anyone wants my pad thai recipe I’ll gladly post it. I found the initial recipe on pinterest and over the years I’ve made my own changes to it. I buy my shirataki noodles at the local asian food market but they’re also available on Amazon. My favorite is Miracle Noodle and Skinny Noodle. Depending on which pasta brand you buy it’s about the same price. From a dieting standpoint is actually an inexpensive substitution compared to others.

Yves Rocher �ponge konjac purifiante au charbon noir
Konjac facial sponge with charcoal

From the general health perspective konjac is very good as a food. But if the konjac is pounded into a slurry then poured into a mold and steamed you get a konjac sponge. These sponges are used to wash the face and body and gives a very gentle exfoliation. When the sponge is rehydrated fully it’s a little slippery but also porous. So the sponge will gentle remove skin instead of pulling and ripping at the skin. It’s impossible to over exfoliate with a konjac sponge. They really do a good job of keeping my face clean without overly stripping. Best for morning cleansing routines than trying to remove your makeup with it.

Many types of konjac sponges are available on the market. Pure white sponges have nothing added to them but most are mixed with some type of additional ingredient to give added benefits to the skin. Activated charcoal or bamboo charcoal is a very popular to target acne sufferers. Green tea and turmeric are antioxidants which can help with swelling. Even French pink and red clays to help purify, detox and aide in oil control are also available.

Facial sponges and body sponges are also on the market. You can use these sponges with a small amount of soap and won’t degrade the sponge more quickly either. I’ve used Mayberry Health and Home and really liked those. There are dozens of makers out there. Mayerry does have body and facial sponges.

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