Smart Water Bottles to Keep You Hydrated and Sustainable

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Hidrate Spark 3 $59.99 // H20Pal Smart Water Bottle $99 // Equa Smart $83 // Equa Mismatch $24.99

A well-known wives tale is that drinking your 8-8 fl oz of water everyday will keep your skin glowing. That has been debunked numerous times by scientists and bloggers alike, but drinking at least 64 fl oz (2 L) of water does keep the body well hydrated and improves your overall wellness.

A well hydrated body is better able to remove waste/toxins (nice way of saying you poop better and pee more), the brain is able to think more quickly and clearly, you’re less likely to be sick since mucosal membranes are well hydrated, the mouth in general is cleaner. The benefits of a well hydrated body are numerous especially when pregnant.

One of the more difficult things for me is not only to remember my water bottle but to actually drink my water. When I found the Hidrate Spark 3 system I was interested so I dug a little more.

The Hidrate Spark 3 is available in 8 colors. This smart bottle tracks your water intake. This bottle even glows and flashes to let you know your need to drink more water at regular intervals or if you’re below your water consumption target.

These bottles even link with your fitness trackers like Apple Watch and Fitbit to provide you statistics so you know how well you’re doing. At $54.99 ($59.99 after Oct. 1 due to ongoing trade tariff tensions) it’s well worth it if water consumption is difficult for you.

Compared to other products on the market the Hidrate Spark 3 is on the lower end of the price point market. Most other smart water bottles available cost around $100 like the H20Pal Smart Water Bottle.

I like the color selection. I love the fact that it reminds me to drink more and I can control how often/when it reminds me to drink more water. Often, I am involved with something and I don’t remember to drink water until I’m thirsty. I do wish it had a rechargeable battery; however, it does mean that this bottle can be included in check baggage when you fly. Although it does require a replaceable battery the battery last months. With a 20 fl oz bottle, you won’t be heading back and forth from the water cooler every few minutes and pre-packaged electrolyte packs won’t taste watered down.


Another company that’s creating a lot of buzz is Equa.

For YOU HER HIM and the COOL KIDS as well

Equa is a Slovenian Company that ships free within the EU. At $82 USD or 74 Euro this smart bottle is absolutely stunning. I still like my water bottles to be trendy. Something that stands out makes me want to grab it or I remember to grab it off the counter in the morning. This is a water bottle that actually gets me excited, and how many people can say that about a water bottle? The Equa Smart has a lot of the same features present in the Hidrate Spark 3 but the battery is rechargeable, a major drawback of the Hidrate Spark system.

Equa has several bottle types available. A beautiful series of glass bottles, Equa Basic (insulated stainless steel), and a rechargeable Equa Smart (insulated stainless steel) which includes the tracker and like the Hidrate Smart it lights up to get you to drink more water. All bottles are dishwasher safe. For the Equa Smart you need to remove the lid which includes the tracker before placing in the dishwasher.

If you haven’t checked out their Instagram page you should (@MyEqua). They’re IG page is stunningly gorgeous and they seem to have solved the ‘boring water bottle’ problem. If I feel sexy and pretty drinking out of a water bottle, it’s just more likely I’ll drink more. It is a bit vain I know but something tells me I’m not alone.

There are a lot of bottles out there and more are coming onto the market. Kickstarter as several that are funded or still seeking funding. As we move further towards environmental sustainability we’ll be seeing more. Biggest problem is soon going to be providing an improved/filtered water supply at streets and busier areas like airports, train, and subway stations so people can refill these bottles. At an airport I can easily drink 2 liters of water during a day of travelling and there are typically very few water fountains available that I can refill my larger water bottles which means I purchase 2 bottles of water. I always recycle where I can but I know I can do better.

Hope everyone is having a beautiful, glowing, hydrated day and I will see you in a few days!

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