Is it time to put up the hyaluronic acid?

Now that winter in is full swing, the temperatures are starting to get colder, and with that the air moisture is leaving. So is it time to put the HA in the drawer or not?

HA works by pulling in moisture towards it thus keeping your skin moisturized and plump. It works the same way when fillers are injected. They pull water in from surrounding tissues to plump the area injected. Your body easily replaces the moisture lost in surrounding tissue but the HA filler maintains that water really well until it dissolves naturally.

A quick note on humidity. The way we use the term humidity means available moisture in the air. Meteorologically, we say relative humidity. It’s relative because warm air holds more moisture than cold air. We see that phenom play out during hurricane season, monsoons, and severe weather outbreaks. Relative humidity is relative to the temperature.

It may be around 70% relative humidity in both Miami, Florida and Tulsa, Oklahoma at 9am today; however, Miami will have more available moisture in the air because their temperature at 9am is 82F whereas Tulsa is 50F. But they both have almost the exact same relative humidity. Living near Tulsa, OK right now I can tell you it’s comfortable but it’s getting a bit dry.

So the short answer is Yes.

If you live in an area that’s cold outside, it’s time to put up the HA and bring out the heavier cream moisturizers and face oils. HAs just aren’t the most effective moisturizer right now unless you live near a coast where the temperatures are a bit higher and the moisture in the air is higher.

Another meteorologic variable you can look at is dew point. If your dew point falls below 45-50F-ish, you really aren’t working with much moisture in the air. Dew point is pretty cool because it isn’t relative to anything, it is the temperature at which the air is fully saturated and dew forms. A dew point of 70F is really high and the air feels sticky and a dew point of 32F is very dry.

So that’s how meteorology ties into your skincare routine and help make your skin care choices. But long story short, if you have cold dry air (like the majority of the US right now and northern Europe) it might be time to put that HA in the drawer and grab your thicker moisturizer, especially the dry skin types out there. You’ll get a more efficient moisture delivery system with the heavier creams than with HA right now.

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