My Life Just Got Turned Upside Down

I haven’t posted anything in forever. I have an amazing excuse though. It really is an amazing excuse probably because it’s almost the ultimate excuse.


Today is the first day that I’ve felt incredibly weak and dizzy but NORMAL. I ate well yesterday, took my vitamins, POOPED!

I found out a month ago that we were pregnant. I peed on the stick and that faint line signifying I was pregnant showed up not once but three times. I can even tell the entire world when we conceived. It was the night before we left for our vacation/anniversary trip. We tried to not get pregnant before that trip so I didn’t have to worry about me being able to not drink or enjoy a cigar at a bar. In reality, that eggo got fertilized in Chicago and I was pregnant while stuff my face at Ditka’s and stadium Italian Beef Sandwiches watching DaBears beat the Giants and chugging beer like I hadn’t had it before. While we celebrated our first anniversary dinner, I WAS PREGNANT!!!!!!!!

And I felt amazing until December 11th.

I had never been so sick in my entire life. And I’ve felt like that since then. I live next to a trashcan. I am dizzy, dehydrated, nauseous, vomiting …… in short I’m miserable. I’m exhausted and I can’t sleep all at the same time. It’s the most impossible combination of things ever. Luckily I have almost a month of sick leave and boy have I been using it.

Bless my Husband. I haven’t touched laundry, dishes, cooking, etc. in a month mostly because I don’t have the strength to do it (my legs get weak by the end of a shower, if I need to shave I have to sit) but even rolling over in bed sets my stomach off and I’m leaning into my little trash can friend again. So the idea of standing long enough to cook dinner or flexing those abs to wrestle with the laundry is just out of the question. So he’s been Superman and doing all of it. Grocery runs are a thing, and he’s learning his way around the grocery store.

So at this point in time we’re somewhere around the end of 8 weeks or the beginning of 9 weeks PREGNANT!

In general, I feel like garbage. I hope everything is going well because the only solice that I have is that everytime I throw up I know my little jelly bean is the reason but it’s a good thing. My mother (and bless my mother too) tells me everytime I tell her that I threw up, ‘Mother’s with morning sickness don’t miscarry, everytime you throw up its just a reminder that your pregnant and your jelly bean and your body are doing exactly what they’re suppose to be doing’. Hearing that helps me so much. My mom had morning sickness, my mother-in-law did not.

Its taken me a month to figure out that a hot pocket is the perfect size snack/lunch/breakfast and yes I’ve been eating a lot of hot pockets once I found that little gem out. There’s this weird point where my stomach goes from growling to vomiting and it’s the tiniest grey zone and the second I slip over the edge into too hungry I enter into the too sick to eat, must eat to not be sick. So I eat constantly. Every 3 hours at least.

Lemon drops, lemon ginger drops, ginger ale worked well until 2 weeks ago. Although lemon drops do help me get through a shower without having to hop out. I take showers with my husband because I don’t trust myself to last the entire shower without getting tired and losing all strength in my legs.

I suffer from POTS which means blood pools in my hands and feet and extremities don’t naturally constrict keeping that blood flow in my core and brain. So when I get dehydrated (like now) I pass out. I’ve done it before (a lot) and normally I know what to be able to do in order to feel better and do better. Now my normal I can’t do. On top of the nausea and not keeping down liquids, one of the proteins my body is producing is Relaxin. Relaxin slows GI tract (meaning constipation), relaxes blood vessels to support increased blood flow, but also exacerbates the lack of constriction which means blood is pooling in my feet (it doesn’t mean pre-eclampsia).

So there’s my news. Bump pictures will follow. I have no bump just what I lovingly call my jelly roll.

13 pounds LOST, ugh not the way you want to lose it.
Blood pressure looks good and my next appoint is in a week and I should be able to get a picture of Jelly Bean. And see if we’ve got 2 jelly beans. I’m not going to lie, I am hoping for 2 jelly beans.

We’re working on names. A girls name is pretty much done but boys names are going to be interesting. We don’t want anything that’s over done like Ryan, Tony, Jason, etc. So if you have boys names list them down below. Family name is Connally and my husband loves the middle name of Mack. He’s a Bears fan and his favorite player is Khalil Mack so guess who the baby is named after?????? Mack Attack. I hope he doesn’t get traded if we end up naming our child _____ Mack Connally. That’ll get weird in a hurry.

Lessons I’ve already learned.

When you think you’re ready meet with your doctor. He/She can give you answers to everything you need to know.

Go in with your list of medications too. Your doctor can tell you what you should and shouldn’t take. That way you can take that list to your primary care and you can discuss changes that are pregnancy safe.

You can actually get pregnant amazingly fast in your 30s. It took us 1 night, on a month we weren’t even trying and BAM. My life is turned upside down.

People love to give advice. Some of it is welcome. Most of it isn’t. I’m at the point where I try it and if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t. I try to smile and just say thank you. I’m not at the annoyed state yet thankfully.

Ovia Pregnancy and The Bump are great resources as is Pinterest. Prop those feet up and enjoy.

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