Scientists find new ways to prevent skin scarring — Skin Care News — ScienceDaily

A new study reveals promising new strategies to prevent skin scarring after injuries.

Scientists find new ways to prevent skin scarring — Skin Care News — ScienceDaily


I have had several surgeries over my lifetime and scarring is the biggest issue by far I’ve ever had with them. I have scars leftover from blood samples taken around my ankle when I was a few days old.

Scars are unsightly for most people. Some people embrace them and the challenge they overcame while getting them (i.e. breast cancer survivors). I have a scar from my shoulder towards my elbow following a rather impressive fall from a horse where I broke my arm. After I got the plate put in my arm my still very doped up on narcotics self decided it was smart to email everyone I worked with to let them know the surgery was successful with the subject line “I’m Wolverine”. Although the email still makes me laugh the scar not so much.

But the newer strategies to prevent hypertrophic scarring include botulinum toxin type a (Botox(R)), anti-angiogenesis therapy, fat grafting, and stem cell therapy. Hypertrophic scars are raised scars that look similar to keloids but aren’t as severe.

One note: none of these strategies are necessarily novel to this paper; however, their approach is new and some warrant continued investigation on their effectiveness like Botox which requires more information on effective concentrations.

Why the US doesn’t support stem cell therapy (which doesn’t come from babies, most is extracted from adults) is beyond me. There are so many incredible uses for scar therapy including burn scars its amazing. Veteran’s Affairs Hospitals have been experimenting with a stem cell gun that sprays skin grafts with stem cells. The results have been incredible for that therapy.

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