Hair Products you shouldn’t be buying from a name brand

Name brand products can offer some amazing quality, the problem is that you pay for it as well. Every name brand will not only sell you their add-ons like hair clips, sectioning clips, brushes, etc. Those you products that cost pennies to make and offer HUGE profits for a company.

I’ll be featuring products available at Sally Beauty. These are affiliate links in full disclosure, although because of COVID-19 my commission is 0%. I discuss them because I love them and use them.

Alligator Clips

Drybar makes a pretty set of alligator (or croc) clips. You get 4 clips for $16. They honestly are cute but expensive for what they are. The alternative product works just as well, doesn’t break, and doesn’t snag my hair ever. Salon Care Sundries makes a 4 pack for $6.29. There’s also a 16 pack that I found at my local store that’s not available online. And if you’re like me and constantly lose your hair ties, and clips… that 16 pack comes in handy. If memory serves it was around $16-$20. You have to look back in the professional area which is in the back corner of my store. I have one at my desk at work, 4 or 5 in my car, a couple by my nightstand and the rest magically still sitting in my bathroom.

Sectioning Clips

This product has been shown around a lot during fashion week holding back hair while makeup is being put on. Several IG influencers also use them. NikkiTutorials is often found with section clips keeping her hair back. If you buy the name brands, you’ll pay $12-$20 for section clips. I’ve linked the Leandro Dual Shield dent-free clips, which I do also have. At $14 dollars they are expensive for a 4 pack of clips.

The less expensive option are 4 pack of section clips for $2.99. I also have these and have not had an issue with denting. I use them in the morning to keep my hair back while I wash my face or if I’m putting on makeup. They’re especially handy when I’m trying to put makeup on in the car while my husband drives us somewhere (sometimes to work, most of the time to date night).


BioSilk is a silicone based hair treatment that will make your hair feel like silk. If you have long, straight hair and haven’t discovered BioSilk I can’t suggest the alternative enough. BioSilk runs around $20-$25 per bottle but there are several retailers and prices vary.

Seriously, 2-3 drops will do you . Hair down to my waist and I only needed maybe a kidney bean sized amount to treat all my hair. Perk of this product is your hair will shine and it helps retain moisture during those dry winter months. I absolutely love this stuff. You can use it on wet or dry hair. The directions say you can apply to the scalp, DON’T. Your hair will be a greasy mess all day. Just apply it from the ears down, when you brush it a small amount will get to the scalp which is plenty.

In fact take a look through Generic Value Products at Sally Beauty. They’ve copied many of the best selling products on the market at a fraction of the cost. One of my old hairdresser told me about it when I was a broke college student. Their products really are of a good quality and won’t break the bank.

Toning Shampoo

If you have blond or platinum hair, keeping it bright can be an intensely expensive treat with specialty tinted shampoos, conditioners, and spray in treatments. Clarol Shimmer Lights is a popular product to help keep hair toned properly between professional treatments which is $12.99 for the shampoo.

For $6.99, GVP has their own formulation that performs the same as Shimmer Lights in my opinion. I used it when I was blonde and it kept me going between professional services.

Paul Mitchell’s Tea Tree Oil Shampoo and Conditioner

I haven’t bought the name brand shampoo in years after I found the GVP equivalent. It smells the exact same. Ingredients list is identical. Some people really like the smell of tea tree oil and some don’t. But if you’re a user of the name brand, think about trying out the generic version. Hopefully you’ll be as surprised as I was. P.S. this is also awesome for treating flaky scalps.

Tea Tree Oil Shampoo Compare to Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Shampoo 16 oz. – $13.19
from: Sally Beauty

Tea Tree Oil Conditioner Compare to Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Conditioner – $13.19
from: Sally Beauty


If you really like the Paul Mitchell Lavender Mint Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner there’s a generic form of that as well!

Tea Tree Oil Lavender Shampoo Compare to Paul Mitchell Lavender Mint Moisturizing Shampoo – $17.59 for a liter
from: Sally Beauty

Tea Tree Oil Lavender Conditioner Compare to Paul Mitchell Lavender Mint Moisturizing Conditioner – $17.59 for a liter
from: Sally Beauty

Edit for 2022: I still use these 4 years later. Literally the Tea Tree Oil Shampoo is sitting in my shower today. although the prices have GONE UP!!! shampoo and conditioner went from $7.29 to $13.19. For $4 more just buy the liter.

This is just the short list of items I quit buying brand name on and have been buying generic instead of name brand. We’re definitely one of those household cutting the budget where we can during these times.

Hope everyone is fairing well!!



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