Top 10 Haircare Tips to Stretch The Dollar

Getting hair that corporates and looks great with the least amount of effort saves time, damage to you hair, and money. The best way to get to that point is to start with shampoo/conditioner and products that work with your hair and environment. I don’t know about everyone else but I don’t have tons of money to spend on my hair. Times are tough. Everything is expensive. These are my Top 10 haircare tips to really stretch that dollar.

10. Let your shampoo and conditioner sit longer than you normally do.

Give it time to work. You do not need to double lather your hair. Just let it work. Conditioner needs to set for a full minute. You’d be surprised how long a minute is. Do your hair first in the shower: shampoo, rinse, conditioner, wash body, total rinse.

If you have long hair: Condition first from the ears down, shampoo roots, wash body, then rinse everything pulling the shampoo through the rest of the hair as you rinse. I’ve done this over the last year and conditioning the eds really does make a difference in my hair health.

9. Get products for your environment

If you are someone who lives in the Ohio River Valley or West of the Mississippi River, you probably have hard water. If in Europe, much of the UK and Scandinavian countries have hard water. Australians, everyone but Victoria has hard water. Hard water has high calcium and magnesium that can leave deposits in your hair leaving it dull and flat. If you buy a shampoo and conditioner designed for those water conditions, you’ll be less likely to add in additional products to strip those deposits from your hair at a later date because they’re getting washed away. Clarifying shampoos are more expensive than daily shampoos.

If in drier climates, look for UV protectants for your hair. Several leave in conditioners or hair sprays have UV protectants. It doesn’t just save the hair dye but also protects moisture and hair from breakage.

8. Use a microfiber towel to squeeze out the extra Water

Even 10 minutes of having your hair up in a microfiber or high absorbency towel can take minutes of dry time and heat off your hair. On average I save 2-3 minutes drying my hair. In that 10 minutes, I’ll brush my teeth, get dressed for bed, put lotion on my legs, then come back to dry my hair. It doesn’t have to be an expensive $20 hair towel. Microfiber towels are hella cheap. YesStyle has several for $5-$10 USD. Less drying time = less heat = less electricity = less air conditioning requirements too.

7. Put hair products on AFTER your hair has been towel dried

You’ll use far less product and that product will stay on your hair better. I used to put my own before thinking it would help distribute the product better….. it’s doesn’t. If you dry your hair, the product will warm and distribute with brushing.

6. Use No More Than 2 Hair Products After you Shower

Seriously. Leave in conditioner and a hair oil or a blowout cream and a smoothing serum. This is where you want to buy a high quality products that are going to serve multiple needs. Blowout creams typically have heat protection in them, make sure you’re not double applying things like heat protection.

5. Less Heat

Air drying, solar rollers, towel curls, etc. can save you $100 per year between skipping a trim all together, prolonging a color, and decreasing the amount of electricity used to maintain a hair style. Using solar rollers also tend to stay longer in the hair because they do take a longer time to set.

4. Skip the Wash

Try skipping the wash. Very few people actually need to wash their hair daily. Try keeping your wash to only 3 days a week. If you’re worried about frizz on day 2, try sleeping with a satin lined cap on with a drop or 2 or hair oil on the ends.

3. Skip Expensive Dry Shampoo

Skip all the fancy dry shampoos. You can buy a pound of organic arrowroot powder for $5-$10 that will last forever. Does it need to be organic, No. But organic typically means expensive. Apply with your fingers or use an old powder brush. It blends better than cornstarch and doesn’t leave that white ghostly look and isn’t anywhere near is heavy on your hair. Got that trick from my black/native hairdresser who uses it on her very dark hair. Most dry shampoos use cornstarch as their active ingredient.

2. Coconut oil isn’t a great conditioner

Coconut oil is expensive and its a horrible moisturizer for hair and takes a ton of shampoo and water to remove the hair if your use it as a conditioning mask. If its shine and frizz you want to combat, go for it. Instead, grab an inexpensive hair mask for 99cents at Sally’s or Ulta.

Coconut oil is good on the skin although there are better options like cocoa butter, shea butter, or mango butter. You can buy those butters for super cheap in a raw form on amazon. Shower, dry off and then rub the block on the skin. I’ve also used straight olive oil on the skin and the left over goes in the hair. A little does go a long way. 1 Tablespoon covers my entire body.

1. You’re probably using too much shampoo

Honestly, try cutting it in half. Just let it set a little longer on the hair. If you live in the majority of the world that has hard water, your shampoo will not get super bubbly. All those extra minerals in the water prevent the suds from forming. If you bring your pointer to the first knuckle at the base of your thumb if you have short hair or are only washing your roots. Otherwise start with bring your pointer finger to the big knuckle on your thumb for medium, thick, or long hair that is getting an overall.

Things to ask your hairstylist that might save you some money at the salon

  1. Ask if they charge less for a dusting. Dusting removes very little of the hair and can be performed on dry hair reducing the need to reshape the hair entirely or wash/condition/style after a cutting. It also takes less time. Dusting removes split ends and those damaged ends that fly away. It can also be performed at home.
  2. You might be able to skip the bowl if you come in with freshly washed hair if you’re getting a trim. Your stylist might be willing to give you a discounted price since they’re saving time and their own products on the wash and will just need to dampen the hair again.
  3. Embrace the minimalist haircut. Ask about haircuts that take minimal effort to achieve. Long layers or shaggier haircuts take almost zero effort to get their appearance whereas blunted bobs require more effort and products. Mine is air dry happy with a salt spray to give some texture. It’s long layers with thinning

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