The Very Best of Vegan Skincare

A couple years ago I did a post highlighting vegan options in skincare. Today I’m highlighting even more of my favorite vegan skincare products. There might be duplicates because I still love them and use the. Vegan skincare does not have a single definition. For this site vegan = not test on animals, contains no animal products or by-products. I am not a practicing vegan, although I have been a practicing vegetarian. We do have some affiliate links. Purchasing using those links does help keep this site running. Ulta and Sephora links are not affiliate links and are there for convenience since so many use it for the rewards. If you use Acorns, don’t forget to activate the cookies so you get 1.7%-1.9% reinvested into your account shopping at Ulta and Sephora (there’s the affiliate link). Free Money!!!

Let’s take a look at my favorite vegan skincare products.

Farmacy Beauty

Their Green Clean Cleansing Balm has to be one of my all time favorite cleansing balms. The smell is incredible, lightly herbal without being medicinal smelling. Farmacy Beauty has continued the exceptional lineup with the Peach ‘N Clean Cleansing Balm. The smell is intoxicating. It is a limited edition for this summer. For every purchase 20 meals to Feeding America and Second Harvest.

Also on that list is the 10% Niacinamide Night Cream. Niacinamide is an amazing product that would be an asset in every skincare program. It doesn’t matter what skin color or condition, niacinamide is one of those products every 20yo and older needs to add to their daily routine. The 10% Niacinamide Night Cream is a stand alone product. Use in place of your regular nighttime moisturizer.

Green Clean

Avocado Mattress

Never even knew this was a thing until about 5 or 6 years ago years ago. In the last 5 years, I’ve finally slept on one of these mattress and can confirm I had an amazing nights rest. Just the right amount of firmness for me. After having Evie, my hips haven’t gone back to normal and just ache on some mattress. Not after sleeping on an Avocado Mattress.

You should be asking, ‘Andrea you’re silly why are you highlighting a vegan mattress?’. Well if you’re like my husband and I, we spend 10 hours a day in bed. We snuggle with Evie, snuggle with each other and just sleep. Getting a high quality good night sleep does the most for your immune system, skin, hair, nails, mental health, etc. It is the foundation to building a better recovery from the day so you can start on the best foot for tomorrow. And coffee. Coffee also makes me happy.

1% of Avocado Mattress on National Avocado Day (which was on July 31st) go to plant avocado trees in Peru. Peru is the 3rd largest producer of avocados in the world and its an incredibly important industry for the area.

couple laying on luxury green mattress


Part of the Vegamour marketing, but I would say I had similar results. I should’ve taken pictures but I didn’t. I do apologize.

A girlfriend gave me one of her bottles of Vegamour to try and I must admit, I am pleasantly surprised that it works as advertised. The GRO+ Advanced CBD Hair Serum is what I used post-partem to help with the post-partem hair loss I was having. It decreased the shedding a lot but also helped that hair fill in. As a result, I didn’t have as much hair loss as I would have had if I had not used it (how many had/have can I fit in a sentence?). A bottle lasts about a month, I think it lasted 5 weeks for me. I didn’t use it every single day honestly. I used mine at night and it really didn’t feel super oily after styling. Guys, post-partem hair loss is not something to laugh at. Fist full every day or 2. That was by far the worst part of my recovery from pregnancy. 1-year post delivery and my hair is back to its full thickness and back to growing longer. We’ve now reached waist length. Do I go all way to butt length??? Let me know in the comments if I should.

Vegan Night Creams

I am a big fan of concentrating your skincare routine to the nighttime side of your regime. Night is when your skin recovers the most. This philosophy doesn’t negate the need for a solid SPF + Vitamin C during the day (like Supergoop!). But concentrating serums and face masks to the evening routine and keeping the morning routine minimal would not make me mad at all. It’s what I do during the Spring, Summer, and Fall. These are my favorite vegan, recovery oriented, nighttime creams/moisturizers.

Caudalie – Resveratrol Lift Firming Night Moisturizer

Most of Caudalie’s products are bomb. Beauty Elixir Face Mist is skippable. Resveratrol is a great antioxidant with antiaging properties. At $69 for 1.5 oz/50ml it isn’t cheap but it’s a great thick moisturizer that’s perfect for nighttime repair and correcting for a loss of firmness. This is high in hyaluronic acid, if you add an additional booster with hyaluronic acid the booster won’t be doing much. I’m not solid on collagen actually helping skins plumpness, that’s not how that works. Even without the collagen, this is a solid product with excellent moisture and antioxidant activity that will help with skin recovery throughout the night.

Truly Beauty – CBD Flower Child Face Cream

It’s not super thick so those who have oily skin this is a great option. Because it’s thinner, I do wish this was in a pump instead of dipping my fingers into a pot. I find it gross but I still use it. It’s setting on my nightstand right now. My skin is hydrated and plump every morning and doesn’t feel sticky or heavy, which is one big con of some lighter night creams that use additive to help ‘stick’ the product to the skin.

Biossance – Squalane + Omega Repair Cream

For the normal and dry skin girls, this moisturizer is THICK. I just bought the Jumbo size. I have maybe another 2 weeks with my Truly before that pot is empty and I’ll start transitioning to my winter skincare lineup even though we have at a minimum another 6 weeks of ‘summer’ in Oklahoma. This is it. If I use this in the summer, my skin actually has a oily sheen to it in the morning. That doesn’t happen very often. Cons of Accutane use in my very late teens.

Final Thoughts

I still need to do cleansers and serums but I’ll cover that as a Part 2. It starts getting really long pretty fast because vegan skincare has seriously come a long way in the last 5-10 years. It’s high quality mainstream products, it’s luxury brands, it’s entering the drugstore brands.

Let me know other vegan products you’ve found in comments. I know there are several smaller brands that I’d love to highlight. These just happen to be the products I’ve used and love. If you are a smaller brand send me a link in the comments and I’ll be sure to visit and possibly buy because I’m a skincare lover.



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