Bathing Traditions in the French Court

Bathing Traditions in the French Court

The French Court: opulence, grandiose, the height of luxury. The source of absolute filth. But what one calls dirty is entirely in the eye of the beholder. What we can good hygiene today was largely impossible 200 years ago. Technology and medical knowledge we take for granted now didn't exist 200-400 years ago. Regardless of [...]

Why are parabens bad for your skin?

As I'm typing this I'm STILL trying to get over GoT. Really? Really? What? and congratulations to everyone who figured out how to see some of the earlier episodes. Episode 3 especially, and special thanks to Melisandre for the best episode ever and literally lighting the way. Beautiful acting, beautiful writing, beautiful cinematography. Loved GoT. [...]

How to get Bikini ready skin for this summer

This year we aren't planning any major vacations except a long weekend in Corpus Christi, Texas to visit my husbands family. But with summer coming in hard and cruise season upon us, bikini weather is definitely right around the corner and for some of the jetset it's already here. Even in a landlocked state, I [...]

Recovering from Winter Skin Horrors

This winter has been absolutely brutal for much of the country. Bone chilling cold mixed with horribly low humidity or just down right cold and wet. Either way this isn't a good mix for our skin. But now we have Spring Break upon us and the days of exposed legs and arms is only weeks [...]