My dog is seriously the cutest ever

So today is a Sunday funday. Catching up on blog posts and reviews before the work week starts tomorrow and watching NFL Redzone. Today is also my skincare long haul. So the full 10 step gets done twice today not just a quick 3 minute version my hair currently has a mask in it. What Sunday funday also means is a mountain of laundry, two dogs to bathe before we head out to see family later this week, and a few reports I have to draft in order to keep my work team on target while I’m gone for two days. Luckily the drafts will take me all of an hour to finish.

We’ve finished brunch, which was a yummy hash brown casserole and we’re getting set up for 7 straight hours of football (Scott Hanson is the best). Part of that includes making our youngest dog move off the couch from her begging/nap time position and that gives you this.

Is she just not the cutest thing. And yes as I type this she still has her position on the couch. Yes that’s a lot of Pepsi on the table. I have a problem.

P.S. I’m killing it in my fantasy league. Brees, J. Jones, D. Jackson (Fitz magic), Kamala, D. Lewis (who is going to be a bust again), T. Cohen, R Gould, and that Chicago D that is absolutely killing it this year. Still can’t believe Oakland let da Bears get ahold of Mack.

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