It’s Time To Say I Believe AmberTurd

We are 5 weeks into a 6 week courtroom drama between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard and I've made my final decision after hearing the roommates and her sister on the stand, I believe Amber Heard. Every woman who makes the claims Amber has made should be heard. I 100% believe that. These last 5 [...]

Depp v Heard is Shocking. I Have Many Thoughts

TRIGGER WARNING: I will be discussing where I stand on the Depp v Heard case. We are currently in a bye week and Amber Heard has just begun her testimony by describing acts of domestic abuse. If you do not feel comfortable with the discussion of violent acts of domestic abuse I do suggest viewing [...]

Just a Little Chat

Life is starting up, colleges are heading back to a fall semester full of a lot of unknowns, but in my area life feels like it's trying really hard to get back to our pre-pandemic lifestyles. I work at the same university that recently made headlines because of fighting before school even started and shoulder [...]

A Tall Girl’s Fashion Rant

During this coronavirus quarantine I've been watching a load of Youtube videos. People doing day to day activities, even if it were last year's videos, are so calming. Watching people go about their normal activities makes me feel like 'normal' life exists around me. Home improvements and the latest fashion finds online just gives me [...]

Funny Marketing and a Private Party

Funny Marketing and a Private Party

Anything really does seem to go in marketing but this is hilarious. Just in time for Valentine's Day (yes I missed the launch, but I was busy with my husband) a Private your pants. If you google 'Private Party' you get the wrestling team of AEW. I got bored after page 5 and quit [...]

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Wishing everyone the happiest & merriest of Valentine's Day. Whether you celebrate with a significant other or celebrate with a solid evening of self care tonight (everyone needs a little self care) may your life be blessed, merry, and full. May you Love!May you Cherish!May your tears be filled with Joy!May your sadness and pain [...]

How pregnancy has changed my skin and hair … so far

We've crossed over into 9 weeks pregnant earlier this week and with that has come a flood of body changes that I've already begun experiencing. I feel like a walking science experiment. My Hair is Thicker and WAY More Oil is Being Produced It doesn't seem to be growing faster yet, supposedly that'll happen soon [...]