Announcement: We’re ADDING HAIR CARE!


It seems odd to consider writing something about hair, it is beauty and a simple hairstyle can make or break a look.  But it isn’t skin and it’s managed and handled very differently from your face.  But with today’s era of flat irons, blow dryers, bleach, pastel hair color, etc…. (everything damaging) your hair becomes damaged and can do so quickly. Dye your hair, it’s damage. Put it in a hair band, it’s damaged.  Sleep on cotton pillow cases instead of satin, it’s damaged. It feels like if you do anything its damaged and I don’t know very many people who don’t color or highlight their hair. And guess what, I do it all.  I’ve been a red head, brunette, blonde and when the grey fad was going strong I did that and other pastels as well.  So if it can damage the hair lets just say I’ve done and done it several times.  So we’re going to start to tackle hair care aside skin care.

I’ve seen countless YouTube videos of the girl who burns her hair off with the curling iron or the YouTuber who over relaxed her hair and destroyed her edges. Here’s a YouTube compilation video.  I just eat these up.  I don’t even know why but it’s just shocking what happens and I do actually learn a lot from these videos. For example, you really don’t need to set anything to 450, ever.  I changed my down to 375.  It takes a bit longer and I have to go slower, but its actually helped my hair substantially. It’s over halfway down my back to date.  I’m going to keep going till it hits my butt just because.  I’m sure I can do it. It just takes for ever.

Now are some of these staged, YES.  There is one video floating around of a girl who has burnt a chunk of her hair but you can see if you look closely it’s an old lace front wig.of course it had millions of views and destroying that wig more than paid for a new one.

Shortly I’ll start review and going over different ingredients just like I have done with skincare in the 2 short months this blog has been live.


Love you all and Stay Sexy,



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