Wedding Day Skincare Tips

November 3 was THE big day!!!!  If you follow me on Instagram you know the weather could not figure out what it wanted to do.  One forecast was for 53 and cloudy then it was 58 and raining, then 65 and overcast, and FINALLY it was 70 degress and cloudy.  That I can handle.  It helps the photographer a lot since he gets to control the lighting much more and it’s even instead of having to deal with passing clouds.  But the weather turned out absolutely perfect.  The guys didn’t get all hot and red-faced during the ceremony and my girls weren’t freezing in their dresses.

The wedding ceremony was at 4pm. In Oklahoma this time of year the sun is setting a little after 6pm. So we had plenty of time for pictures and we even got the perfect sunset picture before heading inside for the grand entrance, speeches, cake, and finally a meal.

If you’re getting married don’t plan on eating.  It just isn’t going to happen. We even sat with a plate in front of us and both of us only nibbled. The food was cold, but it was delicious though.  You’re nervous, emotional, happy, relieved, running almost entirely on adrenaline by that point. My legs and back were just exhausted from standing, walking, and posing for 5 straight hours.  We had people from East to West coast and everywhere in between (almost literally actually).  140 people attended, so we had a lot of people to meet, greet, and thank for coming.  Ian’s military buddies came, which was perfect.  Some of those guys we hadn’t seen in years and they quickly became the life of the party after my flower girl had to go to bed.

The speeches made me cry. To be honest I think a falling leaf made me cry.  We didn’t do a father-daughter dance or the mother-son dance.  I’m not a dancer and neither is my dad so it worked out well for us.

Wedding Skincare Tips

All of the stress of the day can wreak havoc on your skin. After the wedding, everything about my body was exhausted and dry. A week later and I’m still recovering. So here are some wedding day skincare tips that worked for me on my wedding day.

  1. Go to bed with the cleanest face you can. I’m a huge fan of the double cleanse before bed. The oil cleanser gives your face that extra pampering feel and suppleness every bride wants. If you have lash extensions just be careful not to rub the oil over your lashes. The oil degrades the glue and you’ll be sans eyelashes in about 10 seconds.
  1. Water – try to drink as much as you can. I woke up on my wedding day with a decent sized hangover after 1 too many glasses of an amazing white wine at the hotel bar catching up with bridesmaids and guests that arrived a day early.
  2. Take a relaxing bath – Just soaking in the hot tub with some aromatherapy or just a simple bubble bath or whatever calms the nerves can help. This is also prime time to have a really good excitement, nervousness wedding day cry and no one will be the wiser.
  3. Don’t day drink 🍸- Why? You’re going to have plenty of time later and you don’t want to be the drunk bride walking down the aisle. You’ll be nervous and having that mimosa might seem like a good idea. Trust me it isn’t. 1 can turn into 3 pretty fast and your tolerance is going to be all over the place on your wedding day. We’re all nervous on our wedding day. Just breath, you’ll get through it.
  4. Go about your normal routine but give yourself plenty of time – If you do the Korean 10 step system do that. If you don’t but want to do a sheet mask earlier in the day go for it. Your skin might need a little extra hydration so you may need to add an extra layer of moisturizer. Just let it all soak in a bit longer than normal, I gave mine a good 20 minutes of extra soak in time. Otherwise, when you go to put on your makeup the primer and base might slide around a little more. Don’t worry it can all be set with powder in the end, but if you’re on a time crunch that extra blending time feels like forever and you might rush it.
  5. If you think you’ll need 30 minutes to do your makeup give yourself an hour – During your test run you won’t be nervous, you’ll have everything in front of you. It’s not going to happen that way for your wedding day unless you hired a professional to do your makeup. I did my own that day and went for an angelic look using the ABH Norvina palette and the Makeup Revolution Flawless 3 palette. It took me about 40 minutes to do it during a test run and a little over an hour to do it on my wedding day. You’ll just move a little slower, second guess what you’re supposed to be doing. Eyeliner is the WORST to put on because my eyes were super twitchy and my hands were too.
  6. Just breath – I’ve said it once already and I swear I heard it 1000 times on my wedding day. Just breath. It’s really the only advice to give. Once your day is done, it’ll probably be the best advice you can give the next bride. It’s probably sound advice that’s been given among women on their wedding day for thousands of years.
  7. Don’t forget to take all that makeup off on your wedding night – I did and the next morning there was a face imprint on the pillow. I swear the hotel had to throw away that pillowcase. I’m so sorry but we just collapsed on the bed.

If you’re reading this and made it all the way through show off your wedding day photos or what you would’ve done differently with your skin on your wedding day.

Always remember, you’re fabulous, you’re gorgeous, and your wedding day will be perfect. If something goes wrong you’ll most likely be the only person who knew it was supposed to go differently.

💕 Andrea

Wedding Skincare Must HavesSheet Masks: As someone with dry skin having this was an absolute must.

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