Product Review: Hask UnWine themed deep conditioners

For the first of the hair care posts I’m going to start with a deep conditioning mask. My hair, oh honey my hair. 2 and a half years ago I bleached all two feet of my hair so I could go grey. I liked being grey. My husband, then boyfriend, hated it. Its the only hair color I’ve had that he never wants me to revisit. My hair still has some of that damage which has left it porous and prone to breakage. Three times a week I use a deep conditioner. The Hask Unwined conditioner series launched over a year ago and I’ve been using them ever sense. I use these at least once a week. They’re amazing as a steam mask, put on a shower cap and sit under a heater, hair dryer, etc for about 15 minutes. The cuticle opens in the hair shaft and this stuff will penetrate.

These deep conditioners are inspired by the wine their named after. No wine was harmed in the production of these conditioners. These are full of hair loving chemicals. Grape seed soil, resveratrol, hydrolyzed quinoa (protein source to strengthen and color protectant), sunflower seed oil, collagen, panthenol, cetaryl alcohol. I did a post on resveratrol for skin care a couple months ago. It’s amazing for skin and found in very high concentrations especially in 🍇.

LOTS of product. You get 1.8 ounces or around 1/4 of a cup or 51g of product. THATS A LOT OF PRODUCT for $3.99 (2.22 per ounce). For perspective, Kenra’s Nourishing Mask is 5.1ounces and $23 (4.51 per ounce). It’s so big, this isn’t going to be a single use product for very many people. Even my thick hair that falls over half way down my back, I don’t require the entire contents of this package. So small hole when opening this otherwise your shower water will get in there.

These are only available at Ulta and as I write this on available for $2.99. Can’t tell you how much I love these. My hairdresser, who is super particular about my hair and firmly believes my hair belongs to her, actually likes this as well. The smell is pleasant and not over powering. There is perfume in this so if you’re sensitive you might need to avoid this particular product. It’s the last item on the ingredients list so not much is present at all.

Do I think they do everything they claim to do for my hair? No. I don’t feel like my hair is shinier when use the white wine inspired mask over the red wine or rose inspired masks. My hair is shinier though. This is as a good deep conditioning mask these rank right up there with luxury brands I use on a regular basis like Kenra and Purology.

Final thought: i love these. I keep coming back after trying other products. As my hair gets longer I’ve been coming back more regularly simply because they’re effective and affordable. Long hair is EXPENSIVE and a 3.99 deep conditioner that works well is well worth it especially when most people will get two uses out of these.

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