Beauty Trends I Want to See End in 2019

There are lots of beauty trends that we saw explode over 2018, cut eyes then the glitter outline of the cut, but I’m going to cover not the fads that have/are phasing out but in general beauty standards that I’d love to see leave us in 2019.

1.Every Beauty/Fashion blogger overinflating their lips with fillers.

I’ve been over this trend for a while now I think. Depending on how much YouTube and Instagram you watch you may or may not have seen ALL the lip injection videos that have been filmed during 2017 and 2018. Jeffree Star had been VERY open and shared his lip injections. @AmandaEnsing showed everyone getting her injection dissolved as well as why she got them dissolved (in order to refill them again) and went through a Q&A in 2015. @Pintsizedfashtv went through her 30,000 (pretty sure it’s British Pound but not 100% because she did it in Dubai but the vid has a USD sign) upkeep video which included lip filler, face filler, Botox, and spa treatments (most she did really don’t do anything by her own admission). @CrystalBreeze posted hers at the very end of 2017. Huda Beauty JUST posted another lip filler video Jan 23, 2019. So on top of everyone getting lip fillers, many are doing it at a super young age as well. We just don’t know what these fillers will do to younger lips. And for crying out loud, don’t go to an unknown location across the border and get your filler done to save some cash. We don’t know what the long term effect of lip fillers for young people are and you really don’t want cement added, it’s been done. There are lots of blood vessels in the lips and the addition of these fillers (of which there are several forms some good some bad) on the lips and long term lip elasticity.
I’m not saying lip fillers are a really bad idea for everyone. It really isn’t. For some who have poor lip structure or no lips at all, it’s a really good idea. Mitch McConnell would be a brilliant candidate for a little filler. The OVER inflated look just needs to stop. Overfilled lips just add 10 years+ to people, gives people a perma-duck face appearance from the side view, and just looks like an over-inflated tire. It really doesn’t look good on anyone. Huda was getting a little crazy with her lips and recently had her top lip removed. Pintsizedfashtv can smile and her top lip touches her nose. Jeffree’s bump in his lips use to be super evident but it hasn’t been quite as evident recently.

Edit: after this post went live @JeffreeStar posted his lip filler botched video. It is a RAW video. If you can’t handle blood, needles, medical situations, etc. do not click that link or only watch the first few minutes. He does go through why he got lip fillers to begin with and horror stories as a result of it over the first few minutes.

2. Staying on the cosmetic train, not owning up to your cosmetic surgeries. This includes veneers.

If you’re on YouTube at all you’ve seen veneers. Crest uses models with veneers and then adds staining to the teeth digitally. Everyone has them it seems including those who don’t claim to have had any type of cosmetic surgery. Unless you’ve got broken teeth or damage due to braces or staining, veneers really aren’t for anything other than a cosmetic procedure. Case and point. Unless you have damage or severe staining, insurance won’t cover the cost of veneers. They do give you the perfect white smile but own up to veneers being cosmetic. Noone has a smile that bright with perfectly straight, square teeth.

3. Overdrawn lips

When done correctly, this technique works really well. It was started a LONG time ago but found a hit within the drag community as a way of making the lips larger than life and fuller without having to get fillers. But ladies our lips are already feminine. We don’t need to create that exaggerated look to appear as a woman, especially those lucky ladies who already have full lips.

Overdrawn Lips Fail
OMG, so much going on here. But honey needs some help.

4. Dyes in Skincare

Although I don’t agree with a lot of what Tati Westbrook (GlamLifeGuru) stated in her Skincare Products to Avoid video, she did hit on something I want to see gone in 2019. WHY on earth do we need colorants in our skincare? We don’t. They don’t do anything in skincare besides make it pretty. I mean yeah the Instagram pretty bottle of perfume or makeup or whatever makes me stop a little bit. But we don’t need it. We don’t. We don’t need it at all. It doesn’t do anything at ALL. Like at all for the skin. I really want to see it gone. I’m also allergic to one that’s rarely used but when I don’t read a label oh boy honey my face! It’s a lovely tone of raw red skin, flakiness, and hives thrown together.

5. 10,000 new matte foundations and a handful of true dewy foundations

This one is for all the makeup companies. Can us dry girls who can’t wear a matte foundation please get us a non-matte foundation! I have such a hard time finding a solid foundation that handles being placed over all my oils, lotions, and potions that isn’t matte. I can’t bake or apply any powder all because my face is just that dry. It’s bad. I haven’t tried a cushion foundation yet, but after seeing the cluster that was the Morphe foundation weirdness (who has grey undertones?) I think we’ve seen the height of matte. We’ve been moving more and more matte over the years starting with the HD foundations, Lancome released their full coverage, Fenty is considered a satin finish by many matte by others, the rise of the stick foundations, and then we move all the way to Morphe Fluidity and now Hourglass has released their latest line of full coverage matte finishes with Vanish Liquid (they already have a popular Vanish stick).

So frustrating looking for a good medium coverage to full coverage foundation that doesn’t dry my skin out. I know I’m asking for some difficult but you’d think with our scientific understanding in the makeup industry we’d be able to get this made. Currently, I wear Clinique Even Better Glow in Alabaster. Its good, but if I’m not careful it’ll move around. I think it’s time for a cushion foundation.

6. If you haven’t heard me say it once. Own up to cosmetic surgery

I’m really sure why cosmetic surgery became an ‘Ew she got cosmetic surgery, she’s fake omg’. Its finally coming around that people are owning up to it when they have body work done. But getting touches on the facial area still isn’t quite so open. I think we all remember a certain someone from several years ago who was becoming a woman and literally changed in a few months from child to full-on woman.


Yes, the lips are overdrawn but honey those aren’t your real lip shape. Although there is a lot of makeup skills going here those lips are filled. Period. End of story. The eyebrows and hooded nature of the eyes have changed appearance. The boobs definitely have had some work. The waist training can be pretty scary. The butt has something going on be it implants or padded shapewear. And Kylie is an easy one to pick on. She young but I’m only using her as a punching bag because she soooooo publicly denied having any kind of work done for the longest time. Nikki Minaj has a fake butt and boobs, which she’s pretty open about. Jackie Aina, super open about her boob job.

If you want to have work done and financially and psychologically are able to get it (I’ve watched WAY too much Botched) by all means go get you some but own it. Do, do your research and find a reputable doctor. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons is a great place to start.

Don’t say you’ve never had work done though. Say yes I had it done, this was the journey this is why I wanted it. When you don’t own the work it gives girls and boys this idea of something they think it attainable that isn’t because it’s fake. #FakeNews. I have work I really want to get done simply because I don’t like the way a portion of my face looks and based on my mom, grandma, great aunt and great grandma I’m pretty sure that area of my face will do the exact same thing. It’s the fat deposit on either side of my mouth, I want that thing gone. My mom has openly discussed having her eyes done to remove the extra fat that gives her a VERY heavily hooded eye.

In short, there’s nothing wrong with plastic surgery just give credit where credit is due, your doctor and bank account (that stuff ain’t cheap at all).

OMG winter be OVER!! My skin is sooooooo dry. Loves for everyone. Rant is over!

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