Favorite Sheet Masks for Dry Skin

I love sheet masks.

I really love sheet masks

Have I mention how much I love sheet masks? For those with dry and dehydrated skin this style of moisture is probably already being utilized. I don’t know anyone who has dry skin who doesn’t use sheet masks that are under the age of 50. Dry skin types aren’t the only people who get to use sheet masks though. There are loads of sheet masks available for every skin concern. Although dry skinned individuals can get by with using it much more often that doesn’t mean those with oily skin or acne aren’t going to find a formula specifically for their skin concern.

Today’s post is going to cover sheet masks for dry skin. Don’t worry other skin types, you’ll get your list later. Sheet masks for dry skin can get interesting and rather tricky. They tend to contain heavier oils and butters that can cause skin issues for those that might be prone to whiteheads and blackheads. Remember: dry skin types can also get acne, it’s not only for the oily skin types.

Coconut Gel Mask - 4-pack

Hands down my favorite sheet mask to pamper my skin is Farmacy Beauty’s Hydrating Sheet Mask. The serum is thick and absorbs well into my skin without feeling heavy or leaving a thick layer of residue on after I remove the mask. That’s because coconut water and hyaluronic acid are the primary moisturizers which are both going to drive that moisture back into your skin but are not heavy. The sheet mask itself is thick and large enough to cover my face soaking up lots of serum so it doesn’t dry out while I’m wearing it. Instructions say to wear it for 15 minutes, but I tend to forget and wear it for 20 minutes. Just don’t let the mask dry out on your face otherwise you’ll peel off all the serum. Con: they are pricey. Even on sale right now at $16 for a 4-pack that’s $4 a mask. Much of the industry standard is between $2-$3, so if you’re a daily masker that extra dollar two can add up quickly. I tend to find these better suited for use once a week because they can over moisturize and then I come back with a lighter serum type mask during the rest of the week to maintain my moisture level.

Formula Rating: 4.5 / 5
Mask Rating: 4.5 / 5

innisfree korean beauty brand best sheet mask for everyday use my real flavors

On the less expensive end (depending where you buy them) Innisfree My Real Squeeze is a lighter more liquid formulated sheet mask than the Farmacy Beauty sheet masks. I don’t find these sheet masks as deeply hydrating but they’re better for more frequent sheet masking because the lighter formula doesn’t sit as heavy on the skin and has less potential for causing blemishes if I go a little overboard (which has NEVER happened). The sheet mask itself isn’t as luxurious and can be a little course but it stays together really well which is surprising considering how thin a weave it is. These masks are DRIPPING wet and do not dry out. I thought it would the first time I used these and it didn’t. You can purchase these at MaskSheet for $1.50 each, YesStyle for $18.10 / 10 pcs or $2.36 each. I’ve also found these in a 10 pack at TJ Maxx for around $12. Of course, they’re available at Innisfree’s Online store for $1.80 each. My personal favorite is Cucumber or Rice but I haven’t seen a huge difference between the different formulations on moisturizing capabilities even though one is an Essence type and the other a Cream type. For someone who has more normal skin, they might feel a bigger difference than I did.

Formula Rating: 4 / 5
Mask Rating: 3.5 / 5

TonyMoly Sheet Masks are literally everywhere. There are several 'lines' of sheet masks: Pureness, Dr. Logy, Bio Ex, and other but my all time favorite is the Master Lab collection. These are generally essense type sheet masks. These are my bathtub, set and relax type sheet mask. The formula is effective the sheet mask is ok. I've has the sheet mask rip on me a time or two mostly when I'm trying to unfold it. Trying to find that first edge can be difficult. I've used dozens and dozens of these sheet masks.

Formula Rating: 4 / 5
Mask Rating: 4 / 5

These are just my favorite sheet masks. I still need to go through my collection of several hundred sheet masks.



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