With this new alpha-gel, the cream of all skin creams could be here

With this new alpha-gel, the cream of all skin creams could be here https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2019/10/191023104610.htm — Read on http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2019/10/191023104610.htm Dry and sensitive skin people watch for this. I'm interested to see how this new technology is formulated. One of the biggest cons in using hyaluronic acids is water has to be present (such as a higher [...]

Skin Care for the Male and Female College Student

Most students at my University live in a suite style apartment. The closest thing to a traditional dorm that's left at my University is the Greek housing where 3 or 4 people share a bedroom and there's either 1 large bathroom or two rooms will share a bathroom. Regardless of the design or layout, there [...]

In Defense of the Double Cleanse

I have had the worst problem with my dry skin this year. Normally I can manage drinking more water, touching my face less, and using a humidifier. This year, however, has been murder. I had a quick back and forth with @myelsibeauty about double cleansing. She's of the mindset that it isn't worth it as [...]

Dermaplaning: the T

Dermaplaning is the newer skincare regiment that has gone bananas. Let's go through the steps and see what's up with dermaplaning. Basically, your skin is cleaned and removed of all makeup. It's deep cleaned to get it as clean as physically possible. A secondary compound typically make of AHA is applied to the face in [...]

Cannabis Skincare

Cannabis Skincare

As an Oklahoma native I was shocked that we passed medical marijuana this summer. If you're not from here you probably don't understand how ANTI-MJ the Oklahoma legislature has been. Our governor, who has the lowest approval rating of any state, has recently said she was open to the idea of CBD oils for epilepsy [...]

THE Moisture Barrier

THE Moisture Barrier

The omnipresent moisture barrier.  When you’re a baby that moisture barrier is insane.  It’s almost perfect.  The skin is soft and supple.  It’s why we have the saying ‘softer than a babies bum’ and we always seem to be trying to achieve that again.  That’s the one point in our life that most people have [...]

Ingredient Review: Denatured alcohol

Denatured alcohol simply put is a drinkable alcohol that has been chemically altered or had another chemical added to it to make it unpallible. In skincare its most common to see alcohol that has had another chemical added to it forming SDA (specially denatured alcohol). You can find this a lot in skincare. Denatured alcohol, [...]