27-week Pregnancy Update!!! Repost

Not sure what happened here but I just realized this was lost in the internets. Nothing huge to list here. Just a pregnancy update. Although now I have a bubbly 10 month old who is a cutie patootie.

I’m horrible but morning sickness is literally the worst. I had horrible morning sickness until around 20 weeks. It tends to die down towards the start of the second trimester. HAHAHAHAHA, not mine at all, we were still going strong. Regardless of what was happening, posting any kind of update wasn’t happening. Zero chance. The morning sickness this time around wasn’t as bad as the last pregnancy but it was still horrible. In general, everything about this pregnancy is 100% better than last time. Maybe my body already knew the last pregnancy just wasn’t going to make it. For those who don’t know I did have a miscarriage just over a year ago at 12-weeks. If you want to read that click here. As a warning I do go through the bad and the ugly of what I went through. My experience was considered uncommon by my doctor but after talking with friends it feels like it was more common than I thought. I don’t blame my doctor because it’s just something most women don’t talk about and are encouraged to not talk about.

But enough of that. Here’s the fun stuff that’s been happening

Fun Pregnancy Symptoms

  1. Lightning crotch at 4am
  2. Heartburn/Indigestion because I ate just a tiny bit too much, by tiny bit I mean I ate a normal amount of food.
  3. My belly itches but I still lack stretch marks
  4. 9pm sounds like a legit bedtime.
  5. The skin around my cheeks and mouth are crazy dry and sensitive as a result but no melasma yet.
  6. Baby kicks. Lots and lots of baby kicks.

If you are unaware of what lightning crotch is, its the less than sexy term for Round Ligament Pain. It’s a shot of pain over what is commonly referred to as the ‘sex lines’ in guys. When I roll over in bed (accompanied with lots of lovely grunts and sighing that would rival the best ‘dad noise’), standup too fast, try to pop my back, really move anything around my hips area or torso the lightning will set off. Not is a super sexy Chris Hemsworth/Thor Ragnarok manner mind you. Although if I had the Immigrant song play every time it happened as my background music I’d start laughing hysterically and then it would set off even more lightning bolts. It only lasts a few seconds and then quickly dies down but in those few seconds…… Ouch.

Heartburn is a fun one. If I eat more than just a few extra bites of something, it’s indigestion city. Something just a tiny bit too spicy or acidic? Heartburn city. I had a brownie last night that ended up with indigestion. I’m not even close to being the biggest I will be but that hasn’t stopped my stomach from pushing my organs around already. Including my lungs.

At 27 weeks we are going strong. I finally feel normal. I definitely have a bump that cannot be ignored. I love maple donuts. Even in a sweatshirt it’s fairly clear there’s a bump. As far as energy goes I feel like I have the normal amount of energy. Although the bump is getting close to being just down right annoying it still isn’t big enough that it’s getting in the way. It is hard to roll over in bed. Getting up takes a little more effort. Anytime I bend forward the bump squishes basically everything underneath it and it’s a weird feeling. But as I enter the third trimester in a few days I know this little bump is about to get so much bigger. So so so excited, scared, worried, nervous, all of it is wrapped up into one set of feelings.

I’ll do another post next week about products I used during the second trimester because there were a few. And now that I’m getting towards the end of my pregnancy I’ll start doing some updating on birth plans, baby registry stuff, things I’ve learned after watching WAY too many Youtubers with what went wrong and what went right (it’s Youtube so I feels like it’s mostly what went wrong).



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