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Sally Beauty Luxe Solutions is somewhat new to the Ion lineup. The system started with the shampoo, conditioner, masque, and hair serum/oil. The serum came in a fun two-phase pump but was discontinued during COVID although it’s still on Amazon and Ebay. Instead they’ve launched a Hair dyer and an Airstyler, both of which are fashion after the Dyson lineup. So how well does the lineup work?

Luxe Solutions Shampoo

The shampoo has a beautiful creamy texture and smells amazing. It doesn’t hit you hard coming out of the bottle like tea tree oil can but it’s a pleasant darker floral scent that would be classified as an Oriental fragrance if a perfumer was classifying it. I smell dark amber and vanilla that exudes a warmth and sensuality that wraps around you and fills the bathroom as if it permeates the steam. It’s a mature smell without being old. The color is a beautiful creamy pink that’s closer to a millennial pink or very pale apricot. The shampoo lathered well and spread throughout the hair even with my hard water and rinsed away without feeling dry and brittle on the ends or oily at the roots.

Luxe Solution Conditioner

The scent that permeates the shampoo continues with the Luxe Solutions conditioner. This is perfume for your hair and will stick around even after styling. The conditioner is thick and a dark caramel color. You will get a hand workout getting this out of the bottle. I’d recommend a good pump unless you’re like me and need 150ml to cover my hair.

Luxe Solution Luxe Masque

This lineup is amazing. I’d compare to the Redken All Soft line and honestly I feel Ion is a better quality product. With Luxe Solutions my hair feels well moisturized by doesn’t feel weighed down. The Masque is similar. You get 6 oz of product, which is a bit small for other hair masks (Briogeo comes in 8oz and EVA NYC comes in a whooping 16.9 oz containers) but it’s 2 for $12 right now. That’s $1 per ounce of product which is similar in price point to EVA NYC. The perfume isn’t as strong as the conditioner but it has the same dark vanilla/amber scent to it.

Luxe Solution Hairdryer?

They’ve even gone and made a Dyson Hairdryer dupe!! The Luxe Supercharged Hair Dryer has less variability than with the Dyson hairdryer but I legit wonder if my attachments will work at the end of this. The use of magnets on hairdryers has to be one of my favorite advancements in hairdryer technology.

It definitely feels like my Dyson and is half the price of my Dyson. It doesn’t have all the attachments but there is the concentrator and diffuser which are what most people are going to use the most.

Final Thoughts

I’d compare to the Redken All Soft line and honestly I feel Ion is a better quality product. With Luxe Solutions my hair feels well moisturized by doesn’t feel weighed down. For those looking for a vegan haircare option this product is Vegan and Gluten free. If anyone is gluten sensitive to the point they have to avoid it on their skin let me know in the comments. I’ve been trying to find something in the medical literature and just haven’t found a skin sensitivity to gluten. I’m gluten sensitive in diet but not skin sensitive.

The scent is really lovely. My husband comments on the scent even after sleeping on it all night. As someone who wears perfumes that contain dark vanilla/amber ambiance it matches very well with my perfume line up (think Bulgari Jasmin Noir or Jimmy Choo by Jimmy Choo). It is a deeper scent than Flowerbomb for those who (like me) are lovers of that particular scent.

I’m on my 2 liter of conditioner and I do admit I really like this formulation. It has changed since it first came out and it’s been fine tuned for the better. This is a great money saving, high quality addition to anyone wanting a salon quality product that actually delivers salon quality results.



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