Rating Celebrity Skincare | Billie Eilish’s Nighttime Routine

Oh Billie. We can improve this one. In general, its a great routine with a ton of great little tid bits. But there are some things that made me stop and make sure I heard what I did. Billie does have a rather long selfcare routine covering her hair, skin, and nails. We’re just going to go over the skincare part of it.

Josie Maran – Bear Naked Wipes

Wipes are great for emergencies and on the road. Which for this video she might be. She just got off stage and may be in a backstage area or in a trailer. I don’t know but in general wipes are not the greatest thing to use on the face. It pulls the skin, can over exfoliate areas, etc. In this situation, I’d suggest using an oil balm like Clinique Take the Day Away Balm instead because it is an excellent makeup remover. Especially for something like stage makeup, which tends to be thicker and more heavily applied.

She also concentrates the towels on the eye area, USE EYE MAKEUP REMOVER. She does use old t-shirts as cotton rounds which is a great use of older t-shirts. Use one of those rounds with an eye makeup remover and let it sit on the eye for a little bit and the eye makeup comes off much easier. This is probably my biggest soap box; be delicate to the eyes. As someone who has been on stage and had layers of mascara and fake lashes on for the stage, definately consider an eye makeup remover or waterproof makeup remover.

Favorite Eye Makeup Removers are Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water All-in-1 Waterproof ($13.49) and Lancome Bi-facial Double Action Eye Makeup Remover ($32/$42). The Garnier Micellar for Waterproof makeup is best for eye makeup. I don’t recommend using Micellar Water cleansing for eye makeup unless they are for waterproof makeup or have 2 phases. The oil really does help.

The eye area is so delicate. The blood vessels are so small, the skin is so thin, and damage can occur so easily. At one point of the video she does discuss being gentle when washing but earlier she was rubbing her eye area rather aggressively. Soap box is over.

The Biba de Sousa Makeup Line

Biba de Sousa is an LA based skincare line developed by an esthetician and pharmacist Biba de Sousa.

The products Billie uses make for a great lineup with a couple caveats. I haven’t used this particular line and considering the celebrity that Billie Eilish is, I’m sure there was a private consultation and that’s how she reached this particular program. For those who want to replicate that system using other products I do highlight issues to beware of below. Eilish’s skincare routine from Biba de Sousa is:

  • The Zinc Mask
  • Mandelic Cleansing Gel
  • Glycolic Lactic Toner
  • Daily Moisturizer
  • Cream barrier
  • Hydrating Toner

One thing you’ll notice, there’s a lot of exfoliating products. Mandelic acid is a gentle exfoliating acid. Glycolic and Lactic acids are stronger than mandelic acid and are also exfoliating acids. I’d caution someone away from using this routine absolutely everyday. It’s easy to over-exfoliate especially if using other products, including makeup wipes which will also exfoliate. I will note that resurfacing cleansers (those containing exfoliating acids) aren’t the most efficient use of those exfoliating acids.

Another thing I love is the use of the Cream Barrier and Daily Moisturizer to help bring that moisture back to the skin over night when it repairs. Stage makeup can be very drying and irritating so those two products working together should really help the repair process and keep the skin from getting irritated.

Targeted application of a The Zinc Mask

Love, love, love. You do not need to use a mask all over in order to target a specific area. Just use the mask in that area where you need it. Billie puts the zinc mask along her chin and nose, areas where she likely has breakouts. She misses her cheeks and forehead. This saves product and saves your skin from potential damage.

Reusable Cotton Rounds

If you can reuse it, go for it. They can get gross rather quickly. My Face Halo rounds are straight up nasty. They say the Face Halo rounds can last up to 200 washes but mine have yet to last that long. I do get several months out of them though.

Watch the video below. I love Billie Eilish. Her personality is just fresh and she really does seem to understand why she’s doing what she’s doing in her skincare lineup. No SPF, but this was a nighttime routine and you don’t need to wear SPF at night unless you’re in the land of the midnight sun.

Love this breakdowns? Let me know in the comment who else you want to see and check Kate Moss’ skincare routine.



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