This La Mer Mask Dupe Actually Works

Anytime someone claims they have a dupe, I roll my eyes and yeah sure. I will freely admit that I use La Mer products. I don’t agree with their price point but it’s a price people are clearly willing to pay, including myself.

Hands down my favorite product from La Mer that I have bought repeated is The Intensive Revitalizing Mask. At $200 per 2.5 oz container, it is expensive.

Instead of buying one of the most expensive products on the market, I’ve been on the hunt for a high quality product that’s less expensive and easier purchase. Finally the hunt seems to be at an end.

The Intensive Revitalizing Mask

The biggest selling point for The Intensive Revitalizing Mask is its amount of oils and hydrating ingredients. Additionally, there’s plant proteins, caffeine, and hyaluronate to give a little extra plump and perk to that skin. With an ingredients list half a mile long, it’s hard pressed to find very many ingredients that shouldn’t be in there. There are common skincare favorites dimethicone, glycerin, butylene glycol, and triglyceride.

Seaweed extract is not going to be found as a common ingredient in any dupe. Not due to expense but due to uniqueness. Every luxury line has a single ingredient that is their claim to fame. For La Mer it is their seaweed extract. Some seaweeds can be incredibly expensive due to them being rare or hard to obtain.

Avene – Soothing Radiance Mask

In order to be a dupe for the Intensive Revitalizing Mask we’re going to need to see a series of oils, probably dimethicone, triglycerides, and some kind of hydrating alcohol. Not all alcohols are denatured alcohol and some are even hydrating. We start with Avene Spring Water which is their claim to fame ingredient. There also several plant oils. One potentially problematic oil is palm oil. Avene claims their ingredients are ethically sourced. But I do fully understand individual decisions to stay away from palm oil for several reasons including sustainability, forest destruction, fair-trade, etc.

In total we see the dimethicone, glycerin, hydrating alcohol, and triclycerides with this formulation.

Final Thoughts

Having used both these products they are incredibly similar. The slip and feel of the product is similar. The absorption into the skin is similar. The biggest difference is going to be the scent of the formulation. La Mer has their fragrance used in all their skincare lotions. It’s a pleasant scent and what I use for my selfcare special days (bath bombs are almost always included as well).

For more regular use, I don’t feel a difference between these two products in the morning. Both are amazing products, one just happens to be significantly cheaper ($26 versus $200). I fully recommend Avene -Soothing Radiance Mask as a moisture mask and dupe for La Mer’s – The Intensive Revitalizing Mask.



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