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Such an odd feeling typing Princess of Wales right now in reference to anyone other than Princess Diana. Known for having a simple yet very fashion forward style as a royal, Catherine, Princess of Wales has beautiful skin. Regardless of nannies and money and access to help she has, having 3 children and suffering from HG for all 3 of those pregnancies takes a lot out of the body. I was very near a formal diagnosis of HG myself and I can tell you my skin was grey, saggy, and lifeless for a long time after I gave birth.

The skincare routine of the royals has had man people perplexed. Finding this information is hard because it comes from third parties who often have affiliate links. I’m not too sure I can trust it. But to the best of my research abilities here are the products Her Royal Highness uses to keep her skin looking camera ready.

Beuti Skincare Organic Beauty Sleep Elixir

This serum is a blend of 14 plant based oils that are designed to hydrate, soothe using antioxidants, anti-aging and help repair stressed skin. It can be used day or night but is likely a heavier oil that’s best used at night. There some highly potent oils that contain powerful antioxidants including several from superfoods.

One complaint that seems pretty common is the short shelf life. Make sure to keep this product in the dark, limit access to air by not shaking it or introducing air via the dropper. You could also store this in the fridge if you have a very warm area where you’d use this product. This summer my bathroom did get very hot and several of my oils were shelved in the fridge to help that shelf life. Without seeing it, it wouldn’t surprise me if the shelf life was only 3 months based on the ingredients list.

Beauti Skincare only sells 2 products. I wouldn’t surprise me in the least to see that Kate also uses their Pomegranate Glow Enzyme Cleanser. It sounds almost edible.

Rosehip Oil

Another product that I’ve seen several times. Specifically, Trilogy Rosehip Oil. There are lots of Rosehip oils on the market from many many manufactures. Rosehip oil is very heavy so 1 or 2 drops added to your daily moisturizer should be plenty for almost any skin type. If you have oily skin, you might want to avoid this particular product.

Nivea Creme

This is one that we have photos from fans and the paparazzi. Nivea is an incredible good daily moisturizer and available for any budget. It’s around $10 in the US. It is thick and great as part of your nighttime routine. Make sure to get those elbows and knees because a Princess doesn’t have dark, rough elbows.

Biotulin Supreme Skin Gel

This is a product that we’ve heard is used by Her Royal Highness by way of Michelle Obama. Supposedly, the former First Lady has been using this product religiously following its recommendation by Kate during a trip a goodwill trip to the UK. It’s ingredients list isn’t anything special at first. Water, glycerin, butylene glycol, and alcohol finishes out top 4 ingredients. Then we have a series of extracts. Nothing I see is cult worthy but the claims are. If you can get the effects of Botox without Botox injections I will gladly spend 50 pounds for 15 ml of that magic. In going thru the ingredients list, there is no botulinum toxin in this formula. Carrageenan sounds scary, but it’s extracted from Irish Moss and used primarily as a thickener with some antioxidant activity.

Final Thoughts

Its seems that the Princess of Wales has a fairly basic skincare routine. We don’t know exactly what she’s used from her lips likely due to the general neutrality regarding some of their day to day lives. Clothing is impossible to hide and we’ve seen the run on dresses the royal family has worn in the past if it’s available off the rack.

I am a huge fan of relatively simple skincare routines. I’d like to see a retinol and sunscreen in there but I somehow thing she uses those products we just don’t know what it is. Cleanser + serum (which contains antioxidants) + moisturizer….. can’t get more simple than that.

9 out of 10.



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