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Happy Thanksgiving for everyone who is celebrating the holiday. Tim Dessaint is pretty fun. He’s a chill fashion/beauty/Lifestyle Youtuber. He’s not my vibe personally, but I’m not really into men’s fashion that much. This routine is fairly general but there’s lots of points that seem specific for acne prone skin. Men’s skincare is just different. Due to difference in hormone levels men skin tends to be more rough, can handle manipulation differently. The higher the estrogen the softer the skin. That doesn’t mean that male skin doesn’t have issues with acne, sensitivity, or dryness. Let’s break down his skincare routine!

Eye cream

He has 3 great tips.

  1. Use a dedicated eye cream
  2. Use the Ring (4th) finger to apply the eye cream
  3. Apply the eye cream from the outside in

These are great tips that I’ve done since I was in my 20s. The eye is a very delicate area and requires different products to get their maximum benefits. General lotions and potions you can use on your face or neck just aren’t thick enough. The ring finger is the weakest finger and has a lower risk of applying too much pressure and breaking capillaries which is also true. When I put on my eye cream I use a half crescent moon shape starting from the outside of the eyes in towards my nose along my ‘eye bags’ and finish the moon following the cheekbone back up to the outer corner of my eye.

Exfoliate Weekly

Yes and please. Once a week isn’t too much and gives the skin plenty of time to ‘recover’. Tim was newer to exfoliation and use a physical exfoliant which had beads of some kind. I’m not the biggest fan of those but men’s skin tends to be more rough than women’s skin and can just handle some of the physical exfoliation techniques a little better than women’s skin. You can thank estrogen for that one ladies.

Keeping it Clean

Tim dedicates an entire point to keeping a clean person specifically mentioning hair but also keeping those towels and bed linens clean. I have two sets of towels for my face that I wash weekly so I’m using my face towel for 3-4 days before washing. My bed linens were washed weekly but now with a toddler we’re at every 2 weeks although her linens are changed twice a week.

Destress and Drink More Water

Tim is 100% correct that keeping yourself less stressed helps your skin health. It also helps with mental health. As we enter into the 6 weeks of holiday magic from Thanksgiving through the New Year, it can be an a strain on all of the senses. Remember to take a few moments to yourself and just breath. It’s surprising what 2 minutes can do. It doesn’t feel like you can it but even a few moments as we head to bed to do a breathing routine can be on the soul.

Drinking more water won’t necessarily help your overall skin health unless you are severely dehydrated but as we move further in the dry winter months our skin and bodies will be craving more water. In general we should be drinking 2L of water a day. Always keep that in mind. If you go an entire morning without using the restroom to relieve your bladder, you’re probably dehydrated.

Overall, its a great outlook and a great simple, general routine. Love his sunscreen. I use the same one. Great tips and advise that will work for everyone, male or female. Don’t know anything about the company he’s using but I’ll give it a 10/10.

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