Rating Celebrity Skincare | Tim Dessaint

Rating Celebrity Skincare | Tim Dessaint

Happy Thanksgiving for everyone who is celebrating the holiday. Tim Dessaint is pretty fun. He's a chill fashion/beauty/Lifestyle Youtuber. He's not my vibe personally, but I'm not really into men's fashion that much. This routine is fairly general but there's lots of points that seem specific for acne prone skin. Men's skincare is just different. [...]

Rating Celebrity Skincare | Billie Eilish’s Nighttime Routine

Oh Billie. We can improve this one. In general, its a great routine with a ton of great little tid bits. But there are some things that made me stop and make sure I heard what I did. Billie does have a rather long selfcare routine covering her hair, skin, and nails. We're just going [...]

Rating Celebrity Skincare Routines | Kate Moss

I watch the Vogue get ready with me videos in the background. I have to admit that Kate Moss' video is kind of the vibe I need. Listening to her go through her skincare routine and say 'My daughter tells me off all the time' because she doesn't wear sunscreen is the funniest thing going. [...]