How Do Oil Cleansers Work and How Do I Use Them?

Ever wondered how your oil cleanser works? Ever wondered why your oil cleanser doesn't seem to work effectively? Be curious no more.

In Defense of the Double Cleanse

I have had the worst problem with my dry skin this year. Normally I can manage drinking more water, touching my face less, and using a humidifier. This year, however, has been murder. I had a quick back and forth with @myelsibeauty about double cleansing. She's of the mindset that it isn't worth it as [...]

Cleansers 101

Cleansers 101

What every teenager should master since it is one of the most important steps in any skincare routine.  CLEANSERS. You can spend a few dollars on cleansers to several hundred and everything in between. What you use to wash your face with sets the tone for how effective the rest of your skincare is going [...]