In Defense of the Double Cleanse

I have had the worst problem with my dry skin this year. Normally I can manage drinking more water, touching my face less, and using a humidifier. This year, however, has been murder. I had a quick back and forth with @myelsibeauty about double cleansing. She’s of the mindset that it isn’t worth it as were several of her followers so here I am defending the double cleanse and why I double cleanse.

When I wake up in the morning and make my way to wash my face I reach for my oil cleanser. My face has been tight all winter especially in the cheeks and forehead, two very large areas of the face. The areas next to my mouth and sometimes the sensitive area near my eyes are tight as well. Over my dry (no water) skin I massage the oil cleanser of the day. And I massage it deeply. I have no makeup on my face except maybe some residue of mascara on my eyelashes that missed last nights removal and the previous night’s skincare ritual. The massage just feels good, it wakes me up and brings the blood back to my cheeks. I then emulsify the oil with some water on my hands and rinse away last nights skincare. Depending on how my face feels I do a light cleansing with a water-based cleanser. Sometimes I skip that if I feel like my face is refreshed. My main purpose in using an oil cleanser over a water cleanser is that jolt of moisture the oil cleanser gives my face. Water-based cleansers can’t and won’t do that no matter what they say on the packaging.

As a note: I’ve tried CeraVe and Cetaphil and neither work on my skin. They both resulted in breakouts and full on zits the next morning. They left a horrible residue on my face that felt more like silicones and waxy build-up was on my face. Never again. I’ve tried them several times and got the same results each time. And I have the exact face type those companies target, dry skin with dry skin sensitivity.

Double cleansing was already a popular form of cleansing when I started. The Kbeauty trend was already in full swing. I began with a really inexpensive cleansing balm from SokoGlam to make sure I enjoyed it. I went to Bareminerals cleansing oil and I hated it. That’s probably why cleansing balms are my preferred method. I also do travel a lot for work and it’s just easier to put that into my little mini pot and travel with that. I’m currently on my first week of 6 straight weeks of travel where I’m in the office for 2 solid days during the week and in a car the remaining part of the week. With cleansing oils I’m worried the oil is going everywhere in my travel bag.

Currently in my stock of cleansing balms and one oil I have:
Banila Co. Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm – $19
Clinique Cleansing Balm – $29.50
*Farmacy Beauty Green Clean – $22
Tatcha Camellia Oil – $48

The cleansing balms do a better job of getting thicker makeup off than Tatcha’s Camellia Oil. I don’t know if this is true of all oils since I haven’t tested a bunch, but Tatcha’s does have the same amount of umpf as it were that my balms have. That seems to be a fairly common theme among others who have used it. When I wear lighter makeup like a powder based makeup, it can remove that just fine including my eye look regardless of how dramatic I make that. Even my red and pink eyeshadows Tatcha removes those easily without leaving any staining on my eyelids. Tatcha is a thicker oil and feels like velvet when it goes on. It emulsifies completely and rinses cleaner than my other balms.

I love my cleansing balms and I’ve seen a huge improvement in how my skin looks since I started to use them. My makeup comes off more easily, my skin is better moisturized throughout the day. List your favorite cleansing oils down below and let me know if you enjoy the double cleanse or just think of it as some way for companies to sell more product.

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