Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Wishing everyone the happiest & merriest of Valentine’s Day.

Whether you celebrate with a significant other or celebrate with a solid evening of self care tonight (everyone needs a little self care) may your life be blessed, merry, and full.

May you Love!
May you Cherish!
May your tears be filled with Joy!
May your sadness and pain disappear,
For today is a day to find ecstasy and bliss.

That above is not a poem. I am not a poet, it’s just a true message of hope.What is everyone doing for their Valentine’s Day!!!!!

We’re watching what my husband refers to as fluffy chic flicks. He’s been gone for the past couple of days so having him home will be a joy. I have no idea what we’re watching but typically I get complete control of the remote control (or really every night). I’m thinking the Princess Bride or because I love that movie and it has enough action and adventure it keeps him modestly entertained. I challenge anyone to name a better date night movie. Inconceivable!!!

My husband also brings home GIFTS!!!! He bought me something and I have no idea what is is. I know it’s pink. I’m guessing clothing. I also know I got some skin care but I have no idea what he bought me while he was in Dallas this week. I guess I’ll find out tonight.

I bought my husband the largest steak I could find and a brand new spanking bottle of Scotch that was bottled 10 years ago. And that is all he every asks for. He firmly believes that Valentine’s Day is for the woman to be pampered, not the husband. Does anyone else have a husband who refuses shows of devotion in the form of gifts, etc.? All he’ll let me do is cook. It drives me up the wall sometimes because I have no idea what to do for him besides snuggle up on the couch and get him fine alcohol.

Anywho! I hope everyone has a fantastic, stress free day.



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