Funny Marketing and a Private Party

Anything really does seem to go in marketing but this is hilarious.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day (yes I missed the launch, but I was busy with my husband) a Private Party…….in your pants. If you google ‘Private Party’ you get the wrestling team of AEW. I got bored after page 5 and quit looking for Hum Nutrition in the list.

The image above is an affiliate link. This probiotic will help with overall vaginal health. It’s super common, like telling female patients on antibiotics to eat more yogurt to prevent a yeast infection. There may also be some benefits for those with lactose intolerance since the primary strains are Lactobacillus spp. Most probiotics include Lactobacillus spp. and as the name implies from Lacto- they do break down lactose. When I take my probiotics I can typically handle a little more milk than I usually can. Not enough to eat a pint of ice cream but I can handle a scoop of ice cream a lot better than I use to be able.

Lactobacillus spp. in probiotics are a well used, well researched, well established, and well tolerated probiotic. Lactobacillus spp. are what turn milk into yogurt, milk into cheese, milk into …. just about anything. Lactose is broken down into lactic acid making the food product less suitable for bacterial growth and acts as a natural food preservative. Not to mention yogurt is amazing for your skin since the lactic acid is a natural exfoliant and the fats in full fat yogurt are a great moisturizer. There are several hair and face masks that use yogurt online. I have several on my Pinterest page in the DIY board.

Something to bring a giggle to your face. Private Party….. too funny. When I sent it to my husband for his laugh he opened it on his phone instead of his work computer. He thought I sent his something dirty, shameful. Marketing win Hum.



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