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I watch the Vogue get ready with me videos in the background. I have to admit that Kate Moss’ video is kind of the vibe I need. Listening to her go through her skincare routine and say ‘My daughter tells me off all the time’ because she doesn’t wear sunscreen is the funniest thing going. Second thing I noticed is that she wears a minimal skincare routine and barely has any wrinkles at the age of 48 with a 19 year old.

You can get a skincare routine anytime. I can’t say it’s never too late to start one but if you’re in your 30s and don’t really have a skincare routine, that’s ok. Start with a face wash that’s designed for your face (not a body wash) and a good sunscreen. Sunscreen can double as a moisturizer if you have normal or oily skin. That’s a skincare routine! You don’t 10,000 products like I have.

Skincare doesn’t have to be luxury to work well either. Kate Moss uses La Roche-Posey SPF50 sunscreen which I have in my desk at work. But then she does use a Kevin Aucoin eyelash curler… I’m lucky if I use mascara.

Long story short: Her own Cleanser ($50 for 100ml, a little pricy), Rose water toner, an OTC sunscreen, her own moisturizer line ($100 for 50ml) and a lip balm. Nothing super fancy. Her own line, Cosmoss, is a little higher price point than some but not really crazy compared to other celebrity lines.

Watch the entire thing on Youtube below. It really is that chill vibe I’ve needed today and a simple skincare routine that achieves everything it needs. 10/10 approve as long as she wears her sunscreen.


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