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Camille Rowe is a French-American model who has been seen on all the runways. The French effortless beauty routine is amazingly simple, keep everything basic and throw in a bold red lip. You can do the same thing with the eyes too. Keep everything simple but throw in some bold (within reason) eyelashes.

Let’s look at Camille Rowe’s skincare and French makeup tutorial.

Facial Rollers

Lots of models use these. Just make sure you don’t apply too much pressure and break capillaries. I don’t think they do much from an actual beauty standpoint but they do feel really good and help to destress. I use a Gua Sha Stone to rub in my toner for like 30seconds and it really does help me destress after a full day of work. #selfcareeveryday

Hexomidine Transcutanee

I’m never heard of this product before. The use is suggested to be localized to only those areas that require help like ingrown hairs and acne spots.

The key active ingredients are hexamidine diisetionate and denatured alcohol which is going to be a disinfectant and dry out the acne spot. Personally I’d use a pimple patch because denatured alcohol can over dry the skin and cause peeling and itching which is probably going to be a problem for Camille since she’s a picker.

Not a huge fan of this but I’ve more than once discussed by absolute hate for denatured alcohol as one of the key active ingredients in their skincare.

Popping Your Own Pimples and Picking Skin

AHHHHHHHHHHHH please don’t. This can cause infection and scaring! I know it’s hard, I’m guilty of it too but please do not. There are ways to safely pop a pimple but it does take some skill and understanding how different types of pimples sit in the skin. Please don’t pop pimples. I’m starting to sound more and more like my mom.

Eye Drops because You’re Looking Tired

AHHHHHHHHH please don’t. Over use of eye drops can lead to chronic dry eye and itching. The medical term is called ‘Rebounding’ and can lead to always having red eyes. The image is from Getty Images but shows what can happen with chronic red eyes. They won’t be blown out red like a busted blood vessel after an injury but have that constant look of irritation and you may have the urge to rub them more from less tear production.

Keeping it Natural

Embracing skin imperfections is where we should all be. Social media has kind of killed us of that mentality. Everyone has texture. Everyone has had acne. Everyone has a skin imperfection they don’t like. The natural look of ‘I’m not trying but I did put a little effort into it’ is kind of where I feel like I’m at. My problem is I haven’t figured out how to pull off the red lip. I just have not found “THE” color or formula.

Camille really has a so so skincare routine. I’d give it a 7/10. I think she’s hurting herself in a few areas like her Hexomidine, face picking and eye drops but is really helping herself by keeping it simple and using a load of sunscreen. Even with a so-so skincare routine she’ll look 40 at 60 if she keeps using her sunscreen, can quit picking her skin, and quits smoking.

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